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We Provide The Most Effective Thai Massage Therapy in Hilton Head

At LAVA 24 Fitness, we want to help you live well and move smoothly. We understand that your day to day life can get busy quickly! Before you know it, you're stressed out and busier than ever.  

Thai Massage consists of the therapist using his/her hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches and also applies deep muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure. Thai massage is a great combination of stretching, massage, and energy work.

Thai massage has many health benefits. It increases flexibility, improves posture and blood flow! Some may even think of it as a "lazy man's yoga" because the therapist is doing most of the work for you. 

Thai Massages are designed to lower stress, improve energy and increase your range of motion. Whether you have a desk job and can't seem to shake that pesky pain in your neck, or if you just need to relax and de-stress, our Thai Massage Therapy has something to offer everyone.

LAVA 24 Thai Massage is here to help men and women across Hilton Head Island address these symptoms and live life without worrying over aches and pains. Just fill out the short form below to learn more about our massage programs!

What Does Thai Massage Offer?

At LAVA 24 Fitness, our goal is to help people from across Hilton Head Island engage with life to the fullest, which is why our Thai Massage Therapy gets to the root of your pain. Our massage therapists use their hands, forearms, knees, elbows, and even feet to flex the joints, stretch, and apply pressure to your muscles. Before you know it, you'll feel brand new!

Benefits of Thai Massage include:
  • Tension headache relief
  • Reduced back pain
  • Relieves muscle pain and spasms
  • increase in flexibility and range of motion

When you choose LAVA 24 Fitness for massage services, you're getting quality care that will help you get back into your normal routine. Don't let yourself get trapped by pain and stress...we'll find the source of your pain, help you get through it, and get you back into the swing of everyday life. It starts right here in Hilton Head.

Try Thai Massage Right Here in Hilton Head!

Take the stress out of your life today. Our team will use traditional & proven methods to help you manage and get through everyday discomfort. Join us at LAVA 24 Fitness for the best Thai Massages in Hilton Head! 

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