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  • Staying healthy during COVID

    Staying healthy during COVID

    Staying healthy during COVID We all know there is a straight correlation between your diet, activity level, and your health. Nutrition plays a huge role in preventing disease. Together with exercise regime it determines if you are going to get sick, and how often. It’s proven that sedentary lifestyle and poor diet lead to increased risk of chronic disease and decreased immunity levels. So how to stay healthy and protect yourself from getting attacked by the viruses? Make exercise your number one priority. If you are not comfortable to go to the gym, there are many ways you can still break a sweat at home or outside. Go for a run on the beach or park, find a workout ....

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  • Why continue working out while on vacation?!

    Why continue working out while on vacation?!

    Why continue working out while on vacation?! We all need some time off from work, everyday stress, and pressure. But do we really need to take off an entire week or two from exercising? Remember all the reasons why you committed to fitness in the first place! Staying active while you are on vacation would make your experience in a new place more enjoyable. Here is why:
    You don’t need time to “reset” when you get back. I’m not saying you would lose all your gains taking a week long break, but it might throw you off a bit. You might lack motivation once you are back or your body and mind would need time to switch from all day laying on the beach to ....

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  • Breast Cancer Prevention Part II - Dairy and Soy

    Breast Cancer Prevention Part II - Dairy and Soy

    Breast Cancer Prevention Part II: Dairy and Soy - The Impacts on Breast Cancer Dairy and Breast Cancer Dairy is in many products and consumed daily by the masses, however, most are simply uninformed on the true dangers of dairy. Avoiding diary products is key in breast cancer prevention. Many scientific, peer-reviewed studies illustrate that dairy intake increases risk for breast cancer, including a meta-analysis that included over 1.6 million women. While dairy products contain calcium and vitamin D, which have preventative properties, they also contain compounds that significantly increase the risk of breast cancer, effectively making the protective effects of ....

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  • Breast Cancer Prevention - Part I

    Breast Cancer Prevention - Part I

    Breast Cancer Prevention - Part I : Factors We Can Control
    Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in the United States, second only to lung cancer. In fact, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. With October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about breast cancer prevention. There are several CONTROLLABLE factors that come into play when we talk about prevention of breast cancer. Alcohol intake, for example, is clearly linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. Now there is a very small increase in risk with one alcoholic drink per day, but 2-3 drinks or more ....

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  • Choosing the Right Gym

    Choosing the Right Gym

    Whether an avid gym goer or a fresh-face, choosing the right gym or fitness center may seem like a daunting task for those trying to find the right facility. With so many options and influence, it can be overwhelming - you’re not alone! Here are a few things to consider when choosing which gym is right for you.
    Location - It is all too easy to just skip a workout! Find a fitness center close or that you don’t mind traveling to in order to prevent those extra “rest” days. Some may like a gym near-by, while others may like a longer commute to clear their minds of the day, and get focused for the tasks at hand. A simple “gyms near ....

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  • Meet LAVA's PowerHouse Sammi Burns

    Meet LAVA's PowerHouse Sammi Burns

    One could say I was born to be a personal trainer. Due to my upbringing I fell in love with fitness and health as a child. I am originally from Akron, Ohio. However, Hilton Head is my home. My family moved to Hilton Head in 2005. As a very activite family we took advantage of the Island’s perfect weather by spending time outside enjoying all sports. While in high school, I was a swimmer and played lacrosse, soccer and basketball. I continue to play lacrosse at the collegiate level for 4 years while earning a bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training / Health at Erskine College in South Carolina. I wanted to become a personal trainer because I am passionate about ....

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  • How to fix lower back pain - The low back fix

    How to fix lower back pain - The low back fix

    For those of you who have never experienced it, I hope you never do. But for those of us who have been through the torment of experiencing lower back pain, we know that it can be as frustrating as it is excruciating. After years of not knowing the cause of my pain, I now see light at the end of the tunnel in the form of two words: piriformis syndrome. The piriformis is a small muscle that is located in the gluteal region and is very close to where the sciatic nerve runs. It’s important to note that the sciatic nerve exhibits anatomic variability, which is just a fancy way of saying that it can either pass over or under the piriformis; it varies from person to person. However, ....

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  • ThanksLiving


    Thanksgiving Calories Don’t Count, Right? If you think you are pretty conscious about the amount of food you put on your plate every year at your Great Aunt Bonnie’s house, think again… According to Consumer Reports, the average american consumes more than 4,500 calories at their Thanksgiving meal. WHAT?! I am 100% guilty for overindulging at Thanksgiving. It is incredibly difficult to pass up my grandmother’s homemade pumpkin pie that I get to enjoy only once a year. But if you are like me, I tend to eat appetizers before dinner and dessert afterwards… Confession time - I even go back for seconds about 3 hours later, after my nap of course. ....

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  • Eliminating Diabetes the Easy Way

    Eliminating Diabetes the Easy Way

    In honor of National Diabetes Day (November 14, 2018) Let’s just face the facts…
    Diabetes affects 30 MILLION people in the United States and 1 out of every 4 of those people don’t even know they have diabetes
    More than 84 MILLION adults have prediabetes… That is over ⅓ of our population. Again, 90% of these people are unaware of their condition
    Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States
    Type 2 Diabetes accounts for 90-95% of all diabetes cases in the US. The other 5% is made of Type 1 diagnosis
    Over the last 20 years, the diagnosis of diabetes in adults and children has tripled due to increase in obesity and lack of ....

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  • A Runner's Blog

    Where do runners get their energy? First and foremost, WATER! Runners must stay hydrated! Fun fact: Coconut water is the perfect beverage for restoring hydration and replenishing electrolytes lost during exercise. Everyday needs a balanced breakfast, ratio of protein, fat, carbohydrates and iron. This mix enables a runner's body to operate at peak performance.
    Day before run-More complex carbs- Ex: sweet potatoes, quinoa, lentils, kidney beans, whole grain pasta, but don’t forget about the healthy fats and protein as well. Why? It is the athletes main fuel and stored as glycogen which is then used for energy in the muscles.
    Day of run-breakfast ex- whole grain ....

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