Be Your Own Fitness Powerhouse

Be Your Own Fitness Powerhouse

Are you having trouble getting your fitness journey started?

Everyone has their own intensity level. For example, I have worked my way up to the 18-inch box jumps while my friend is doing 24-inch box jumps. My other workout partner and I are always doing different weights and at a different pace. I may look at her and think, “That is where I want to be” but I know that we aren’t on the same level, and that’s okay!

Don’t be afraid to MODIFY

No matter what fitness level you are at, start small and work your way up! You don’t want to start out overdoing it because if you were to injure yourself it can set you back even farther.

The easiest way to modify it to start with less range of motion. For example, when squatting don’t go as deep. You do not have to go 90 degrees or more, try starting at 45!
Another easy way to modify would be doing fewer reps or less weight. Even in a class setting, if the timer is still going that doesn’t mean you have to keep going if you need to work your way up to that.
Next, speed. Changing your speed is a simple way to make an exercise just a little bit easier, or that much harder.
Exercises are meant to be challenging, not impossible!  Be focused on what YOU can do and don’t compare yourself to others.

We all start at different levels.

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