Remember Your Proper NUTRITION

Remember Your Proper NUTRITION

Exercise and nutrition go hand and hand. You are not going to see results without changing your diet as well. Check the ingredients on every label. If you do not know what an ingredient is, don’t put it in your body!  Avoid processed foods and eat more greens! Stay consistent and start with small changes. Don’t restrict yourself too much because that’s when you end up binging or overindulging. Remember that drinks have calories too, so try to drink zero calorie drinks, AKA water!

Because we all have different goals and body types, we don’t all eat the same amount of calories or even macro-nutrients (e.g, fat, protein, carbohydrates), but portion size is extremely important. Eating the proper portion size is better for digestion, as well as helping get the appropriate amount of calories so you are not overeating!

I personally do the following to keep myself from overeating:

-Reading labels to check the serving size

- meal prep

-measure my food

And you can even eat on smaller plates can help!

Before training- Some natural pre-workout snacks that give you energy are: chia seeds, berries, grains, avocados, nuts, fruit, and water.
When training- Make sure you hydrate! Water, water, water! Your body can perform better when it’s properly hydrated. You can have muscle cramps, dizziness or feel lethargic if you don’t drink the appropriate amounts.

After training- You will definitely want to refuel. I suggest eating/ drinking to replenish your nutrients. Quinoa, plant-based protein, or beans are healthy options.

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