How to Keep Your Workouts FUN in this Beach City

How to Keep Your Workouts FUN in this Beach City

Is your workout routine getting too boring? 

Switch up your routine! Push yourself through your threshold. You don’t have to dread the gym every time you go! (I love the exclamation points) Two of most important things that are often forgotten about workouts are that they don’t have to be long and they definitely don’t have to be boring! Look up some videos and give the most ridiculous looking exercise you can find a shot. Sometimes the crazy ones get the best results! 

Change up your location! Do an outdoor bootcamp or sunrise Yoga on the beach. Exercising outdoors adds necessary scenery to your life and here on Hilton Head Island there is no shortage of million dollar views. Not to mention working out outside has proven to relieve more stress than working out inside. Humans crave nature, your workout is the perfect excuse to bask in the beauty of your island! Don’t let yourself get bored/burned out with the same routine in the same gym on the same days every week. It’s hard to stay motivated when you stop seeing results. Switching up your routine will help ensure that you don’t plateau. 

Join some classes! Didn’t think you were competitive? Try racing someone at a spinning class. Your heart is pumping, adrenaline is coursing through your veins, and you’re having way more fun than you thought you would for a non competitive type. OR you’re super competitive and want to show that you can keep up with the pros. Let’s see you prove it! 

Here’s a no-brainer: Listen to music! Choose whatever keeps you going! Whether it’s your walk up song from way back when, some guilty pleasure Britney, or a weirdly melodic beat that keeps you on pace perfectly. Spend some time to create your perfect mix and time your perfect workout to match the songs. Music helps you focus on a beat instead of how tired you are. It can make an extreme workout feel like a piece of cake and can improve performance, and make you feel that much more accomplished. Just think of that scene in Rocky without Eye of the Tiger playing in the background... Plus a perk of attending classes is there’s already a professionally made pump-up playlist you can steal tracks from! 

Who doesn’t love getting rewarded for hard work? Treating yourself after accomplishing a goal can make working out more motivating and encouraging. I like to choose something like new workout gear to reward myself with so I’m even more excited about my next workout! There’s an app for that! There are few things more satisfying that tracking your progress on an app. It’s a great visualization and It keeps you organized and on track. I use Myfitnesspal to track my nutrition goals and Mapmyrun to track some cardio. 

Buddy up! This is the oldest trick in the book. When it comes to working out two is better than one. Working out with a friend not only holds you accountable, (who wants to bail on a friend), but also helps push you even harder! 

SO, GOOOOOO! Are you having fun yet??

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