One of the most crucial aspects of a successful fitness journey is setting realistic goals for yourself. Setting attainable and measurable goals that are specific to you will help you stay motivated and moving in the right direction. These goals will become a series of minor milestones on the way to achieving your dreams.

My roommate is a bodybuilder so her main focus is to build lean muscle mass while I aim to maintain what I already have. Some of my clients want to lose weight and some want to improve their balance. Each goal set should be a piece of the puzzle that reflects your big picture.

Doesn’t it feel amazing to check something off a list? Documenting the progress you are making doesn’t just make you feel accomplished, it makes your hard work more tangible. But you can’t become Lebron James in a week… make sure you set a reasonable amount of time in between each check in.

It’s an indisputable fact, we are visual beings. How often do we reference “before and after” shots to motivate ourselves? Take pictures and record measurements to mark your starting point so you see and celebrate your progress.

Scrap the scale. Too often clients will step on the scale and judge their results off of a number. You may have gained five pounds but now have killer calves! A more lean or muscular you sometimes means a higher number, that’s not a bad thing!

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