Weight Loss: Replace Counting by Adding Fiber

  Weight loss gets tricky when we count calories. The real question is how many calories are we eating in a day compared to how many we need? We are so obsessed with counting every piece of food throughout our day, we do not have time to focus on the actual weight loss itself. Take a step back and focus on the simple aspects of life; when are you hungry and when are you full? You may have 500 calories left but if you are not hungry, then those calories are just stacking on top of each other to build unnecessary fat cells and make you actually gain weight.
       Calorie counting is a scapegoat to what we are scared of accepting: we as humans are eating too much fat, sugar, and non-digestible foods that quite frankly do nothing but constipate and bloat our bodies. If we spend more time eating quality foods with high fiber:
       - Fruit
       - Vegetables
       - Legumes
rather than spending our time on counting the number of calories on our plate, our days would be enjoyed by who we are eating with rather than what we are eating with them.
       We’ve got built-in calorie counters called fiber! We just have to tune into our natural way of eating and things will right themselves. We need to fix the problem of counting every chew, not pretend that it is normal to be hungry. Fiber is the key! Everything we eat should have some type of fiber.

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