Weight Loss: 5 Steps to a Healthy Life

“I am going on a diet and I’m going to lose 20lb in two weeks….” How many times have we heard or even said this? Weight loss is not just a temporary option, our goal should not be dieting, but living a healthy lifestyle. Do not starve yourself just to lose those ten pounds in one week. Weight loss is a process and should be added to every week. Here are five steps to boost your weight loss:
    1. Drink Water
    2. Bring a buddy
    3. Add Greens
    4. Make Realistic Goals
    5. Write it down one at a time
First, add water to your day by drinking 8oz multiple times a day; when you wake up, before you go to bed, and six to eight times in between.  Second, bringing a buddy kicks off your weight loss because it holds you accountable! You will not skip the gym when your friend is on their way to pick you up. Third, adding greens to every meal should be an absolute priority! Greens do not need to be counted as calories, therefore make a challenge to see how many you can eat in a day. All your goals should be reachable and attainable, there is no reason to make a goal that is never going to happen and you are not buying into your own thoughts. These goals do not all have to happen at once, add them one at a time so you are prepared to add a goal only when you have made the last one a habit. Finally, write everything down! Apps are great but pencils are better. Writing your workout and nutrition on paper will stick in your mild and you can easily write how you feel and when you felt it.
“It’s not that some people have will power and some don’t, it is that some people are ready to change and others are not.” - Carl Sandburg

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