Weight Loss: 6 Ways to Add the Good Before Subtracting the Bad

Weight loss is not about stopping all the bad habits at the same time, but adding the good habits in order to eventually realize we are satisfied with a healthy lifestyle.  Healthy habits are difficult; in our last blog we talked about doing good habits one week at a time, but what are we supposed to do with the bad habits we have already created? Here are six bad habits that are easily added to and their possible substitutions:
       1. Soda: For every soda you drink, add one glass of water
       2. Chips: For every chip you eat, add a blueberry
       3. TV: During every commercial, read a page from a book.
       4. Fast Food: When you stop at a restaurant, add a side of fruit
       5. Chocolate: Eat Dark Chocolate Instead
       6. Smoking: Chew a piece of bubble gum
Adding the healthy before eating the bad will stop the crave a bit and you will not want to do the bad habit as often. Weight loss comes from understanding how to live a healthy life, not going on a diet for a short amount of time, it is extremely unhealthy to go on and off diets constantly. As a reminder, add before you take out and go one week at a time.

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