Weight Loss: Fat Weight vs. Muscle Weight

Scale Weight, numbers, and pound goals, none of them matter! When it comes to weight loss, there is a huge difference between a pound of muscle and a pound of fat. Yes, they have to weigh the same, that is an obvious statement, but do they look the same? Muscle is denser than fat, therefore even though two people may be the same height and weight, the person with a higher fat percentage will wear bigger size in clothing. Now does this mean you have to be a muscle man in order to look and feel good? Absolutely not, anyone can gain muscle while still having the figure they have dreamed of. Women need to stop worrying about “getting bulky” it is not going to happen unless there are many supplements added. 

Benefits of Increasing Muscle Mass:
1. Boosts Metabolism (Burning calories at a faster pace and throughout the day)
2. Increases blood flow throughout the body
3. Gaining muscle = Losing fat (It happens at the same time)
4. Decreases the symptoms of sarcopenia (Muscle loss with aging)

We recommend a personal trainer to design a balanced routine and a full body workout daily. Building muscle mass is a good thing, so stop saying you want to get “toned” and start saying you are going to get “strong”!

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