Workouts: Doing H.I.I.T. at the age of "I'm too old for that"

Some people are doing H.I.I.T. and they don’t even know it. Others don’t even know that they should be doing H.I.I.T., so what is it? High Intensity Interval Training is an interval training routine that people use as a workout to burn fat faster. This type of workout is not only for athletes because High Intensity does not mean under the age of “I’m too old for that”. High Intensity is relative to the person. High intensity to one person may be extremely different to another, but they will get the same effect because of how different their bodies are.  This workout usually lasts no longer than twenty minutes. Work hard, rest better, is the motto in a H.I.I.T. workout. A simple H.I.I.T. workout may be laid out like the following:
20 seconds - Jumping Jacks
10 seconds - Rest
20 seconds - Squats
10 seconds - Rest
20 seconds  - Push ups
10 seconds - Rest
Repeated as many rounds as you deem necessary. (About four)
      As you see there are labeled rest times. Using these rest times to the fullest lets your body catch up for 50% of the work time so that you are able to work even harder when your work time comes around again. To prove to you even more of how a H.I.I.T. workout is different for everyone but very beneficial you do not have to do the exercises if you are not comfortable, you can just do a simple run/walk. Run a block and then walk about, this is the same concept of workout hard and resting better. 
      Do H.I.I.T every other day with good nutrition in between. A great workout like this burns energy from your muscles and they need adequate time to repair, so that you are able to put forth effort again in two days. The top goal of H.I.I.T is to prevent any type of plateau so always make sure to switch it up! After you have done 8 weeks of a specific program, give yourself a week of rest and then switch it up!

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