Choosing the Right Gym

Choosing the Right Gym


Whether an avid gym goer or a fresh-face, choosing the right gym or fitness center may seem like a daunting task for those trying to find the right facility.  With so many options and influence, it can be overwhelming - you’re not alone! Here are a few things to consider when choosing which gym is right for you.

  1. Location - It is all too easy to just skip a workout! Find a fitness center close or that you don’t mind traveling to in order to prevent those extra “rest” days.  Some may like a gym near-by, while others may like a longer commute to clear their minds of the day, and get focused for the tasks at hand. A simple “gyms near me” Google search should hopefully present a few places you can take a look into.

  1. Classes - Most gyms offer some sort of classes and some gyms are nothing but.  Group fitness classes provide not only a fun way to get fit, but also the opportunity to meet people and develop healthy relationships in your community.  See what type of classes or group fitness training sessions are available and at what times; do these work with your schedule? Depending on your previous fitness experiences, joining classes to learn proper movements and techniques will prove beneficial. (REMEMBER - everyone starts somewhere, and someone else that JUST started is already looking up to you!) 

  1. Hours- Going hand-to-hand with location and classes, is the hours of operations.  Many gyms have incorporated 24-hour access to their facilities to reach a broader audience with different schedules.  We are naturally more energetic at certain times of the day, some may be an early bird, while others are a night owl. There is no “right time” to working out, but rather the key is consistency.  Double-check to make sure the gym hours or class times you are interested in, are in coordination with your schedule. 

  1. Trainers - Not everyone is at the same level, nor do they have the same goals.  There is no “master plan” that works for everyone; we love our individuality!  A qualified, well-trained staff will help to motivate you, keep you accountable, and help you reach your goals faster and more safely!  Do some research - a few questions to the staff about their trainers certifications and experiences should clear-the-air, and help you make a more informed decision on which gym and trainers really have your best interests.

  1. Equipment - I am sure we have all heard “It is not what you got, it is how you use it…” that does not have to apply to gyms.  If you don’t feel like having to get creative during a workout, visit a gym, and ask to be taken on a tour to view their equipment and space.  Does this facility hold the equipment you need to reach your goals? There is nothing worse than trying to deadlift in a Jazzercise class.

  1. Community/Culture- Some gyms allow for chalk, grunting, and blast loud music, while others remove equipment or set standards to prevent the facility from becoming too intimidating.  If you can figure out a gym’s target demographic you can assess if you are a good fit with their community. After all, a gym is a great, healthy place to meet and connect with other members of your community! 

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