LAVA 24 Fitness Gold Training


Meta-Burn is 50 minute session among our most advanced metabolic team training options. IN order to participate clients must score higher than a 2 on all of the movement patterns in our assessment. There are 1-2 levels of progression for each movement both of which are considered intermediate/advanced. The afterburn circuits change once a week.


Total Strength is the ideal team training option for those looking to build strength. While work intervals are time emphasis is placed on the quality and increasing strength more than on metabolic training. You should be expect to be more taxed and have a great work out but not at the expense of a reduced load. Remember this is strength training. While Fundamental Fit offers less intensive coaching experience than small group.


Fundamental Fit training is an idea starting point for beginners and for those who score 1 or lower on any area of our movement screen. This is also a great place to start for those who clear the screen but have not trained in a while. In this session we cover all the basic movements that are essential building blocks for our program. There are 2-3 levels of progression for each movement none of which exceeds what we would consider a beginner/intermediate level.

The circuit is run as a 30/30 which gives ideal work to rest ratio with this target group and the level of chosen exercises. We design a new foundations training program each month while keeping programs consistent so that the client can achieve basic movement patterns ultimately graduating to higher levels of exercise. Remember we as coaches crave much more variety than our clients give yourself the chance to master the exercise.