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Challenge Yourself With Everything From Barre To Bootcamp In Our Group Fitness Classes

At LAVA 24 Fitness, fun is the name of the game. We're putting an end to your stale workout routine and adding incredible energy into every single session. 

Our Group Fitness Classes on Hilton Head Island include everything from body-sculpting Barre workouts to heart-racing bootcamp classes - and even workouts on the beach!

Get the most out of your body and walk away feeling accomplished like never before. Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started today!

For Any Goal Or Skill Set, Our Group Fitness Program Has The Answer

Are you tired of feeling limited to just a few options when you go to the gym? At LAVA 24 Fitness, you can take on a new workout every day of the week and still have more than half of our Group Fitness programming left to explore.

We are proud to offer Hilton Head Island a wide range of classes that meet the needs of every experience level.

Our Group Fitness Classes include:

BARRE: Inspired by ballet, yoga, and Pilates, this system builds strength, flexibility and so much more.

BEACH BOOTCAMP - COLIGNY/DRIESSEN: Beach Bootcamp is for all levels! This class is full of bodyweight exercises that anyone can do, plus progressions to increase the difficulty.

BODY ATTACK: A high-energy aerobics-based class that can improve your endurance and help you burn fat like never before.

BODY COMBAT: A total-body program that draws on the teachings of traditional martial arts and self-defense movements.

BOOTCAMP - SHELTER COVE: A high-intensity total-body workout that will improve your strength, speed, and athletic ability.

BUTTS AND GUTS: Tone and sculpt your buns, thighs, and abs. This class hits right to the core.

CARDIO KICKBOXING: An energetic program that combines the best aspects of striking and self-defense with total-body toning.

FULL FUSION: Strengthen the major muscle groups across your entire body and build a more dynamic athleticism in no time.

FUNDAMENTAL-FIT: Fun fit, as we call it, is a combination of total-body fat burn and lean strength gains.

LAVA CYCLE: A cardio class that will challenge both your heart and your mental strength.

METABURN: A high-intensity interval training (HIIT) style workout that is the perfect class if you are wanting to burn fat fast!

PILATES: A mat class focusing on the core postural muscles that help keep the body balanced.

SMALL GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING: A total-body workout that includes all the benefits of individualized instruction.

SILVER STRENGTH: A beginner class designed to build strength and help you improve one day at a time.

SPEED & SPORTS PERFORMANCE: Translate your success in the gym to success on the field or wherever you compete.

Find The Class For You. Get Started With Our Group Fitness Training On Hilton Head Island Now!

Don't settle for good enough. Get the very most out of your routine with our Group Fitness Classes on Hilton Head Island. Our team at LAVA 24 Fitness is truly offering something for everyone.

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