Nate Dixon

Workouts: Is CrossFit just HIIT?


“That looks like CrossFit, I’m not interested.”

       We have tendency to compare everything, prices, people, cars, houses, etc. If you are looking to build muscle aka “get toned” while burning fat, you have probably done all the research there is to know, except seeing what works for you! People walk into the gym and see our members doing High Intensity Interval Training and cut us off before we can explain that H.I.I.T is short bursts of high intensity exercises with low intensity/rest in between. Often times confused with CrossFit, which is constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity.

       Both CrossFit and H.I.I.T have been around since about the 1930s and it would be wrong to state they both do not stem from the same exact concept, hard workouts, with little rest time. So what is the difference you ask? Unlike Crossfit, H.I.I.T. promotes body weight exercise, use of anything heavy enough for your heart rate to go up, bars are unnecessary and overhead movements are not a necessity. But, in the simplest stated form, CrossFit is a trademarked brand with 1700 affiliates that pay for the name, thanks to Reebok. H.I.I.T. on the other hand has stayed a type of workout that everyone can use for free without paying for the name and is being utilized by many gyms and personal trainers across the country.

Nate Dixon

Workouts: Are You Determined To Be A CrossFitter?

Coaches are CrossFitters who do WODs in their box. This is CrossFit lingo for trainers are workout gurus who do a workout of the day in their gym. A CrossFit program is built as multiple functional movements that are constantly varied at high intensity. CrossFit strives to hit every move across the board:
   - Cardio
   - Stamina
   - Strength
   - Flexibility
   - Power
   - Speed
   - Coordination
   - Agility
   - Balance
   - Accuracy
As you can see, CrossFit was developed to create movement through all physical tasks. These type of fitness movements are needed in areas such as: Military, Police, Firefighters, and Sports of course. CrossFit is based on a team environment with everyone starting and ending the workouts together. CrossFit is always a trainer-led program and is essentially thoughtless which is perfect for some, but what if the trainer is not paying attention? What if the trainer is not passionate about their job and they are not looking at you for that one fast tired overhead lift? Although CrossFit as an organization tries to weed those people out, sometimes there are situations in which you should not be dependent on a Coach teaching more than 5 people at a time with over-head lifts. We have listed some things to look for when finding your gym (box).
   - Make sure the trainer (coach) knows how to teach perfect form
   - Ask about their certifications and experience
   - Ask to watch or try a workout before committing
   - Aim for balance in all things, do not consume yourself within a WOD everyday
   - Always compete against yourself, never anyone else. Competition breeds injury
   - Going fast every single day is not necessary. REST is necessary.