Nate Dixon

Weight Loss: 6 Ways to Add The Good Before Subtracting The Bad

      good_bad_habits_large_copy       Weight loss is not about stopping all the bad habits at the same time, but adding the good habits in order to eventually realize we are satisfied with a healthy lifestyle.  Healthy habits are difficult; in our last blog we talked about doing good habits one week at a time, but what are we supposed to do with the bad habits we have already created? Here are six bad habits that are easily added to and their possible substitutions:
       1. Soda: For every soda you drink, add one glass of water
       2. Chips: For every chip you eat, add a blueberry
       3. TV: During every commercial, read a page from a book.
       4. Fast Food: When you stop at a restaurant, add a side of fruit
       5. Chocolate: Eat Dark Chocolate Instead
       6. Smoking: Chew a piece of bubble gum
Adding the healthy before eating the bad will stop the crave a bit and you will not want to do the bad habit as often. Weight loss comes from understanding how to live a healthy life, not going on a diet for a short amount of time, it is extremely unhealthy to go on and off diets constantly. As a reminder, add before you take out and go one week at a time.