Motivation "If It Doesn't Challenge You, It Doesn't Change You"

Personal Training in Hilton Head Island - LAVA 24 Fitness

What motivates you?

Other people? Music? Quotes? All of the above?

Stay accountable and stick to your goals!
Find a workout partner to help you stay motivated and on track along your fitness journey. 
Find a playlist that really gets you pumped to do a workout.
Make your favorite inspirational quote on your phone screen or fridge, wherever you will see it everyday.

Write a plan:
Who is supporting you on your journey? 
What are your first steps to make a change?
When are you making time to exercise? 
Where are you going to do your workout?
Why are you here in the first place?

For example, my plan is as follows:

Who - My friends, co-workers and trainers.

What- Healthy diet and consistent workout plan.

When- 3-4 times weekly right after work.

Where- My fitness center, LAVA 24 Fitness.

Why- Wellness is important to me and exercise is a huge part of that. I know that this needs to be done in order to live a happy and healthy life.


Find what motivates you, and write your plan!

Helping Hilton Head Island Get Fit Like Never Before

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