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  • A Runner's Blog

    Where do runners get their energy? First and foremost, WATER! Runners must stay hydrated! Fun fact: Coconut water is the perfect beverage for restoring hydration and replenishing electrolytes lost during exercise. Everyday needs a balanced breakfast, ratio of protein, fat, carbohydrates and iron. This mix enables a runner's body to operate at peak performance.
    Day before run-More complex carbs- Ex: sweet potatoes, quinoa, lentils, kidney beans, whole grain pasta, but don’t forget about the healthy fats and protein as well. Why? It is the athletes main fuel and stored as glycogen which is then used for energy in the muscles.
    Day of run-breakfast ex- whole grain ....

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    LAVA 24 Fitness - Breakdown: BRONZE: Gym only (5 rooms of free weights, Garage Gym including heavy bags, deadlift platform, squat racks, etc.) SILVER: Gym + Group Exercise classes such as Pilates, Barre, Yoga, Cycle GOLD: All the above + Circuit Training classes such as Metaburn, Total Strength, Fundamental Fit - Up to 10 people per class PLATINUM: All the above + Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) Up to 4 people per class Bronze Pass: $15/day $45/week $75/week (24 hour access) (Per Person) Waiver: If you fill out this waiver before you come you will save about 6 minutes: (Online, you do ....

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  • Personal Training and Group Fitness in Hilton Head Island

    Check out our new website for Lava 24 Fitness!
    We proudly serve the Hilton Head Island, Windmill Harbor, and Bluffton areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Personal Training, Group Fitness, Yoga, and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click below to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Google+ Twitter Instagram ....

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  • Personal Training in Hilton Head Island - Lava 24 Fitness - When Was the Last Time You Had a Decent Stretch Session?

    When Was the Last Time You Had a Decent Stretch Session?

    Stretching as well as warming up the body and cooling it down is extremely important to a workout. We need flexibility in the muscle and range of motion in the joints to keep our bodies healthy. Tight muscles can make you more prone to injury and limit you during your exercises. Important tips: - Stretching helps with range of motion in your joints by keeping the muscles healthy, flexible, and strong. - Without stretching pre and post workout, your muscles become short and stiff which will limit ROM and cause your muscles to weaken. - Dynamic stretching should be done BEFORE a workout to warm up the muscles and increase blood flow, and static stretches should be done AFTER a workout to ....

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  • Personal Training in Hilton Head Island - Lava 24 Fitness - Be Your Own Fitness Powerhouse

    Be Your Own Fitness Powerhouse

    Are you having trouble getting your fitness journey started? Everyone has their own intensity level. For example, I have worked my way up to the 18-inch box jumps while my friend is doing 24-inch box jumps. My other workout partner and I are always doing different weights and at a different pace. I may look at her and think, “That is where I want to be” but I know that we aren’t on the same level, and that’s okay! Don’t be afraid to MODIFY No matter what fitness level you are at, start small and work your way up! You don’t want to start out overdoing it because if you were to injure yourself it can set you back even farther. The easiest way to modify ....

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  • Personal Training in Hilton Head Island - Lava 24 Fitness - Remember Your Proper NUTRITION

    Remember Your Proper NUTRITION

    Exercise and nutrition go hand and hand. You are not going to see results without changing your diet as well. Check the ingredients on every label. If you do not know what an ingredient is, don’t put it in your body! Avoid processed foods and eat more greens! Stay consistent and start with small changes. Don’t restrict yourself too much because that’s when you end up binging or overindulging. Remember that drinks have calories too, so try to drink zero calorie drinks, AKA water! Because we all have different goals and body types, we don’t all eat the same amount of calories or even macro-nutrients (e.g, fat, protein, carbohydrates), but portion size is extremely ....

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  • Personal Training in Hilton Head Island - Lava 24 Fitness - How to Keep Your Workouts FUN in this Beach City

    How to Keep Your Workouts FUN in this Beach City

    Is your workout routine getting too boring? Switch up your routine! Push yourself through your threshold. You don’t have to dread the gym every time you go! (I love the exclamation points) Two of most important things that are often forgotten about workouts are that they don’t have to be long and they definitely don’t have to be boring! Look up some videos and give the most ridiculous looking exercise you can find a shot. Sometimes the crazy ones get the best results! Change up your location! Do an outdoor bootcamp or sunrise Yoga on the beach. Exercising outdoors adds necessary scenery to your life and here on Hilton Head Island there is no shortage of million ....

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  • Personal Training in Hilton Head Island - Lava 24 Fitness - My Fitness Breakthrough

    My Fitness Breakthrough

    As a fitness trainer, I’m constantly surrounded by motivated individuals that have made fitness a primary focus in their lives. These people don’t see working out as a chore, they feed off of the energy and confidence they gain as a result of it. The endorphins released during and after a workout can make exercising addictive, which is why so many people who make a habit of it eventually end up pushing themselves too far. It’s definitely inspiring to have such positive influences pushing me to be the best version of myself but like so many others. I have found myself overdoing it on many occasions. I found myself in an unhealthy mindset where I would get stressed out and ....

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