Total Strength

This class is taught by:

Elizabeth Barron

Hometown: Boyne City, Michigan
Education: Pinnacle Career Institute; Personal Trainer, Professional Trainer
Certifications: Beachbody Live Instructor, Turbo Kick Live Instructor, PiYo Live Instructor, AFAA, ACE, NASM, FIS, CPR/AED
Quote: Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle!

Julie Jilly

Fitness Instructor

       Atlanta, GA
       Florida State
             Bachelor's Degree
       Fitness Instructor
       Island Rec Center Board
      "I believe fitness is a way of life- and must be incorporated into everything you do."


Kristen Waters

Hometown: Oakland, NJ

Education: Eastern University; Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science

Certifications: ACSM EP-C

Certified Alloy Trainer

 Hobbies include: Going to the beach, cooking, hanging out with friends and family, and now playing spike ball (thanks to her co-workers!).

Total Strength is a circuit style workout that is focused on form, strength, power, and quality reps. Heavier weights will be used in this workout since the object of the class is to gain strength. We do full body exercises to make sure you hit every muscle group in order to gain overall strength. We modify each movement based off of everyone’s strength levels and we have a wide selection of dumbbells and kettlebells to fit everyone’s training level! A timer is used in this class to tell you when to start and stop each exercise. This class is not necessarily geared towards spiking your heart rate for fat burning purposed, but more towards reaching that hypertrophy phase in your muscles. The number of reps does not matter, but the quality of reps does. The trainer will make sure you have perfect form while lifting a heavy, challenging weight. The workout is designed to be about 30 minutes along with a structured warm up and cool down with foam rolling making it about an hour long. There is always a surprise finisher at the end as well. Total Strength is perfect if you are wanting to challenge yourself and see what your body is capable of in just an hour of your time! If you are wanting to flex harder and make those muscles pop, then come join us for total strength!

Upcoming classes:

  • Thu Dec 14 12:00 pm - 12:50 pm with Elizabeth Barron
    at Hilton Head
  • Thu Dec 14 5:00 pm - 5:50 pm with Julie Jilly
    at Hilton Head
  • Mon Dec 18 9:00 am - 9:50 am with Kristen Waters
    at Hilton Head
  • Mon Dec 18 12:00 pm - 12:50 pm with Kristen Waters
    at Hilton Head