LAVA 24 Fitness Success Stories

LAVA 24 Fitness Hannah Horne

Hannah Horne

LAVA 24 Fitness Blanche Sullivan

Blanche Sullivan

LAVA 24 Fitness Bebe Cifaldi

Bebe Cifaldi

LAVA 24 Fitness Stephen Minnaar

Stephen Minnaar

LAVA 24 Fitness Tricia Lynch

Tricia Lynch

LAVA 24 Fitness Adam N.

Fantastic facility, staff, and equipment. Great daily rates, all the equipment you need from cardio to heavy deadlifts, bench, and squats. Highly recommend to anyone looking to get a workout in while on vacation.

Adam N.

LAVA 24 Fitness Lola C.

LAVA is one of the best gyms I’ve ever been a member at! Everyone knows my name, the instructors, nutritionists and staff are just awesome and very knowledgeable! The classes are top notch and I love the InBody machine check-in. Everyone is always smiling, but also pushing you to your limit so that you can reach your goals!! I just moved back home to HHI from NYC, and LAVA stands up with some of the best I’ve experienced in NYC, for sure!

Lola C.

LAVA 24 Fitness Raymond G.

This place is AWESOME!!  Very friendly staff and a really cool environment. Great selection of cardio equipment and then there is the Garage Gym. What a great place to go while on vacation. Give them a try!

Raymond G.

LAVA 24 Fitness Gabby K.

LAVA was such a helpful and supportive environment to get a great workout in! Jill and Katie were super helpful with workout plans and just teaching us the importance of diet and exercise!! Thanks, LAVA you rock!!

Gabby K.

LAVA 24 Fitness Jim H.

Was in Hilton Head for vacation and joined Lava for the week. The gym is very well equipped with free weights, nautilus, and cardio machines.
The staff is very friendly and got me signed up quickly and effortlessly. There was zero issue with getting a pass for a week and the price was right.
Lots of people in good shape in this gym....guess that what you get for having a gym at the beach.
I will definitely continue to hit Lava on my yearly vacations to Hilton Head.

Jim H.

LAVA 24 Fitness Bob A.

Great selection of aerobic and resistance equipment and free weights, lots of room for stretching, great staff, easy access. Highly recommend!

Bob A.

LAVA 24 Fitness Jordan H.

Joined as soon as I moved to the island! The staff is very friendly and the gym itself is great. So many different machines and options for classes. I love the multiple free weight areas.

Jordan H.

LAVA 24 Fitness Keith O.

This gym is awesome starting with the staff. They are very friendly and helpful. They have every type of equipment, class, and workout you want. Massage area is great too.

Keith O.

LAVA 24 Fitness Elizabeth B.

Best gym on the island! Clean, amazing customer service, talented trainers, and kind people! How could you not become a member?! Thanks for always a wonderful time at Lava.

Elizabeth B.

LAVA 24 Fitness Louis H.

Such an awesome gym. Doesn’t matter what your goals are, this gym can help you reach them!

Louis H.

LAVA 24 Fitness David S.

Friendly staff with excellent instructors and classes.  I Especially like to turf classes.

David S.

LAVA 24 Fitness Terry W.

Lava has every piece of equipment that you could possibly need for a workout. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the trainers are especially well versed in the newest techniques for getting you in shape. I am very pleased with the time I have spent there.

Terry W.

LAVA 24 Fitness Kristin G.

Wonderful gym, large with a ton of equipment! Well kept and full of friendly, helpful staff. Massage was absolutely amazing! Left me feeling relaxed and refreshed!

Kristin G.

LAVA 24 Fitness Todd C.

I am a bit of a meathead and I operate Crunch Fitness locations in Ohio. We pride ourselves on a spotless facility and a super friendly staff. As a fitness professional, I can tell you that Lava has done a fantastic job with creating a great gym that is very clean and I would be thrilled to have any of the staff working for our company. Whenever I travel I struggle to find a club that can meet my needs and not kill me on price. Well done Lava!!!

Todd C.

LAVA 24 Fitness J A.

Great gym. Best we have found on the island. They have something for everyone. Tons of cardio and weight equipment. And the smoothie/juice bar is perfect for post-workout, pre-beach recovery fuel. The place is super clean. Reasonable, competitive pricing for travelers.

J A.

LAVA 24 Fitness Kyle L.

An amazing gym with an amazing staff! So energetic and always willing to answer any questions members may have! They make sure you are comfortable and feel welcomed and pumped to workout!! Would recommend this gym to anyone who is looking for an awesome place to workout!!

Kyle L.

LAVA 24 Fitness Mike M.

Great gym with an excellent staff! It has been two years now as a member and they are always making improvements to their equipment and services.

Mike M.

LAVA 24 Fitness Trina B.

Great place to work out while vacationing.  Staff is friendly and helpful.  Plenty of exercise equipment and free weights.

Trina B.

LAVA 24 Fitness Seth R.

The gym was very organized and there was every machine you could think of. There were plenty of weights and machines to use so you didn't need to wait to use a certain machine. The staff was very friendly and the gym was nice. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to workout!

Seth R.

LAVA 24 Fitness Quenten C.

Came down here for vacation for 3 months and found this gym... AMAZING! Very affordable 3-month membership with 24-hour access. Very friendly staff and members who are super approachable. I would definitely recommend this gym over any others on the island.

Quenten C.

LAVA 24 Fitness Brittany B.

Large facility with all my workout equipment requirements. Best gym on the island! Also, delicious protein smoothies!!

Brittany B.

LAVA 24 Fitness Debbie H.

I love working out at Lava.T he staff is very helpful and kind.They acknowledge you when you walk in the door and when you go to leave. If you have questions they have no problem helping you.

Debbie H.

LAVA 24 Fitness Libby S.

Lava is the best gym on HHI! Great equipment, friendly service, never disappoints - I've been coming here for over a year and don't have any complaints!

Libby S.

LAVA 24 Fitness Kendall C.

Lava Fitness is an outstanding facility. The free weight area in the back tends to those, like me, that love hitting the weights and training hard, heavy, and loud. The areas toward the front and upstairs is a little more docile but is stocked with treadmills, elliptical and other means of cardio. They also provide some pretty great shakes and smoothies that are ideal for a post workout! All in all, I plan on coming back every year while I'm on vacation in Hilton Head.

Kendall C.

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